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Meet Barna, founder of Tiaki Bees
Always interested in the mysterious “art” of Beekeeping and the complex and fascinating world of Bees, Barna decided to get his first beehive a few years ago, and he was hooked. Since then he finished a New Zealand qualification in Apiculture, read anything and everything he could find about bees, and steadily grew the number of his hives each year.

The idea for Tiaki Bees hive rental came when more and more of his friends would ask if they could host a hive on their property, and EVERYONE wanted some of the delicious local superfood, raw unfiltered honey, made in their own back yard.

And just like that, Tiaki Bees has been created to help the bees, give back to the environment and encourage healthy mindful living.

Qualified Apiculturist, DECA
Find our bees at:
Forage & Feast
Hidden QT
Red Bridge Berries
Pirate Pickles
Mountainside Educare
Cure Kids
The Altys
Friends of Bullock Creek
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