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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there enough food sources in my area?
They are plenty of food sources around the house, in the neighbourhood, and in local parks. Bees travel up to 3 km to forage for food. Urban areas are ideal for the bees because they have a wide
variety of plants to choose from, and opposed to big farmlands these plants are not treated with nasty chemicals. So, yes plenty of food sources to keep your bees happy, healthy, and well-fed.

How much space do I need for a beehive?
Only 1m x 1m in total is more than enough. A beehive itself needs about 50cm x 50cm area on the ground and between 70cm and 1.4m in height. In order for us to can work on the hive, we only need another 50cm on each side.

Will the bees sting us?
Bees are not going to attack you unless you would bother their home (the hive) or try to steal their food (the honey). They are just like the rest of us, they want to carry on with their everyday life, do their job of collecting nectar, making honey, and looking after their young ones. If a sting occurs
and someone is allergic, call the ambulance and keep an EpiPen around the house.

Why is it important to help the bees?
Bees are extremely important for the Environment, they do a huge amount of pollination of the plants around and they are responsible for a third of the world’s food sources.

Can I look inside the hive?
Yes but only under our direct supervision. We can organize an introductory visit, where you can meet your little tenants. You will get a bees suit, and gloves for your protection, and you can look
inside the hive to help you understand a bit more about what is actually happening inside a busy and fascinating beehive. Please don’t try to look inside the hive in our absence, as you will cause a
great deal of damage to the bees and yourself.

Does all the honey come from my hive?
We collect the honey in batches from each neighbourhood and the honey you receive will be from
your hive and from hives in the area. Bees travel 3km for food sources, so your neighbourhood is the bees own backyard.

How often will you come around to check on the bees?
We usually come around once every 3 weeks / a month or so, but sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the season. We will make sure to always be quiet, respecting your property and privacy.

Where do my bees come from?
Many of our bees come from rescued bee swarms. We need to recuse the bees once they swarm because without treatment to keep them healthy and free from nasty parasites a feral bee colony won’t survive for long. Once rescued, we feed them, do a thorough health check, move them into their new home (one of our natural beehives) and get them ready for their new life in your backyard.

How Do I pay?
We will invoice you for your annual hive rental. You will receive your invoice by email after we installed your hive. We will be in contact one month before the end of your year lease to renew your annual plan.

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