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Summertime and humble honeybee

February 2022

Just as we look forward to the arrival of longer days and warmer weather, so too do the bees. We talked to Barna Szocs, owner of rent-a-hive company Tiaki Bees, about bee activity in the summer months.

“During summer you’ll notice a larger number of bees out and about in the daytime. This is because as the temperature rises the hive heats up, so the bees spend their days outside to remain cool,” Szocs explained.

And these tiny insects even have their own air con inside the hive. “Honeybees cluster in the hottest areas and fan their wings together creating airflow in and out of the nest. In addition to fanning, bees also deposit water around the hive aiding in cooling the ambient temperature.” He continued.

Tiaki Bees

Bees are the busiest during this season, reaching peak nectar collection for the year as summer wanes. This of course is good news for our burgeoning vege gardens. “Bees are one of the most important pollinator species for the food industry, accounting for roughly 80 percent of worldwide food production. Bees also pollinate wild growing plants and flowers, supporting and directly contributing to our local biodiversity,” Szocs continued.

Pollination is not only vital for our plants but important for our native insects and bird life as well. Without bees to pollinate, there wouldn’t be enough vegetation to support our native species.
Summer is also a time when bee’s store and produce the most. Workers must continuously create and store honey to last though the winter, otherwise much of the colony would perish. “We actively monitor the honey frames and ensure we leave more than enough food for our bees to keep them happy and healthy over winter,” says Szocs.

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