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Tiaki Bees on Biodiversity and Helping the Local Ecosystem

February 2022

For Tiaki Bees Barna Szocs, nothing could be more important than ensuring the biodiversity of our neighbourhood.

“There is a growing trend of awareness both for our own health and the health of the planet. I saw the perfect opportunity to allow people the experience of not only producing their very own superfood, but giving back to the environment at the same time, “Says Barna Szocs, Owner of rent-a-hive business Tiaki bees.

The premise of Tiaki is simple, they provide the hives, the education and the work while you receive the honey and contribute to our ecosystem. It’s a win/win situation even those in the heart of suburbia can experience.

“Although it sounds far-fetched, raising bees in an urban centre is nothing new. This is common practice in places like Sydney, New York and Auckland and is yielding great results. Only one square metre of land is needed and the contribution to biodiversity is significantly higher,” Szocs continued.

Because for Szocs, Tiaki (which also provides a commercial service for orchards and farms) isn’t just in the business of renting hives – It’s about ensuring the longevity of our community – and passing on knowledge about the importance of these creatures to our younger generation.

Tiaki Bees
Tiaki Bees

“Bees are the pillars of our ecosystem. Where there are no bees, there is no biodiversity, plant pollination or growth. And these plants, in turn, provide a global food supply, produce oxygen, prevent soil erosion and help absorb Co2,” he said.

“So even from my rudimentary explanation you can start to see their importance. Bees are the most efficient pollinators we have, and considering the average honey bee visits around 2,000 flowers per day it is vital we give them a helping hand,” said Szocs.

We (as a global community) know that tomorrow’s leaders can save this planet – but we need to impart our knowledge now to ensure their success. And although a tiny cog in a very large machine, Tiaki Bees is laying the groundwork for a thriving, sustainable and bio-diverse community.

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