Hosting Hives: Tiaki Bees features in QT Magazine

Hosting Hives

Hosting hives has been becoming more popular in urban areas, such as New York and Sydney for some time. Barna, Wanaka beekeeper and owner of Tiaki Bees, is now making hive rental accessible in the Southern Lakes and QT Magazine took some time out to interview Barna and publish more about this venture in the Autumn Edition of their magazine.

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Forage and Feast and Tiaki Bees

Forage and Feast testimonial

Tiaki Bees are part of the Forage and Feast tour. “Barna and Tiaki Bees represent all that we are about: involving the community, looking after the environment and enjoying the by-product of caring for the bees – the delicious honey.”

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The story behind each spoonful of honey

How do bees make honey

February to March is the best time to harvest honey in the South Island of New Zealand. Find out more about bees, for instance: How much honey does an individual bee make? Which bees make honey? And why is honey so special?

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